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Successful companies know that Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) need to be a critical component of today's fast-paced business world.  They understand that D&I must be embedded into their company's core-values and maintained as a strong business imperative.  More than ever before, attracting top talent is essential to growth and having the best-of-the-best requires a workplace where individuals can obtain an equitable salary, have good benefits and work in a creative space where they are valued, not only for their work, but their differences as well.  

To keep a strong developing workforce, you must have strong forward-thinking leaders who have the necessary skills to manage their team effectively.  To be a great leader, you need to be progressive, have integrity, be open-minded, inclusive and be aware of the ever-changing world around you.  Let TPF help you create and cultivate your organization's diversity initiative by being part of our four-part Diversity Ambassador progam. The Diversity Ambassador program is designed to help you attract and retain the world-class, high-skilled talent your organizaton needs to compete on a global scale, creating the top leaders of tomorrow.  Those completing all four sessions will be awarded The DIversity Ambassador Certificate of Completion.

TPF Diversity Ambassador Program

Let's Talk Diversity!

More than ever before, organizations must be ready to identify and tackle those tough-issues around diversity & inclusion. Saying you are an open and affirming organization is not enough or simply ignoring social justice issues as they arise can and will hurt your company's reputation and overall bottom-line.

Let the TPF team and its many qualified partners help you create, enhance and implement a strong and effective D&I program in your organization.  Beyond our impressive programming and trainings, The Professionals Forum can also provide a comprehensive Diversity Audit/Mapping of your organization, which will help you identify areas of improvement and/or assist in enhancing your current D&I program.  Working together, we can create a workforce that embraces and celebrates diversity and inclusion in all its forms.  Want to learn more, send us a message below.
Session 1:
Diversity 101: Building the Business Case
This 6-hour, two part program is designed for those who are beginning their journey as a Diversity & Inclusion Practitioner or those who are at 'awareness' and want to expand their general knowledge on D&I.  During this course you will:

  • Learn what Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) is and other important key terms
  • Identify and understanding organizational challenges as it relates to D&I and how to begin building the Business Case for D&I 
  • Discuss the importance of collecting and using data in your organization to impact your overall bottom-line
  • Discover the impact a strong D&I program will have within your organization allowing you to attract and retain world-class talent
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The Five Essential Elements to D&I In your Organization

  • Learn and Understand the Business Case for D&I in the workplace
  • Indentify the Essential Elements needed for a strong D&I program/framework in your organization (what this really means)
  • Implement and integrate your D&I strategies (the Plan) into your organization's overall strategies and core values
  • Learn how to create a Map for Success and implement impactful strageties for long-term success of your D&I Plan
Session II:
Biases, Isms & Stereotypes: Microaggressions in the Workplace
This 6-hour program dives deep into Biases, Isms and Stereotypes that exists in the workplace and the damage they can do.  Between indepth/intense discussions and table exercises, TPF teaches you how to identify and remove biases, isms and stereotypes from both our personal space and the workplace, including how microaggressions, left unchecked can cause great harm to your organization. During this course you will:

  • Learn and define the key terms for biases, isms and stereotypes
  • Identify and understandi the impact biases, isms and stereotypes plays not only in the workplace, but our personal lives as well
  • Discover how micro-aggressions and micro-inequities can damage company morale and your organization's reputation
  • Complete two table exercises: allowing for a deeper understanding our own biases and stereotypes (how we hurt others and ourselves)
  • Discover how to remove biases, isms and stereotypes of from both our personal and professional lives
  • Take part in group discussions and table exercies that will broaden our understanding of biases isms and stereotypes
Session III:
Creating and Fostering an Inclusive & Welcoming Environment
This 6-hour program and intense discussion focuses on creating and implementing a diverse and inclusive culture that provides a strong welcoming and affirming message.  Learn how to help your staff and coworkers overcome the many challenges they may face in today's conservative business world.  During this course you will:

  • Learn what Culture is and what impact this has on underrepresented groups in your organization
  • Discover strategies for creating a strong inclusive environment as part of your recruiting, hiring and onboarding practices
  • Identify, discuss and understand the data on how homophobia exists in today's workplace and the impact this data can have on your LGBTQ staff
  • Learn now to create effective strategies to embrace a culture of openness
  • Work on two case study's, along with an indepth conversation (table exercise)
  • Discover the impact discrimination and prejudice has on underrepresented groups in the workplace and what you can do to eliminate this
Session IV:
Creating a Winning Culture: Putting it all Together!
This 6-hour program will include reviewing the last three-sessions where attendees will take everything they learned and put together a working plan/strategy for a winning culture in their organizations.  During this course you will:

  • Review the past three-sessions, delving deeper into the what and why a strong diversity, equity and inclusion program is needed for your organization
  • Discuss the strategies  needed for finalizing a strong diversity plan/strategy that aligns with your organization's core values
  • Finalize your next-steps on your professional D&I journey
  • Take part in group discussion (round-robin), reflecting and sharing your experiences over the past three-sessions and what you will walk away with
  • Take part in the Pledge signing presentation, making a solid-commitment to make D&I a part of your organization's culture
“We need to give each other the space to grow, to be ourselves, to exercise our diversity. We need to give each other space so that we may both give and receive such beautiful things as ideas, openness, dignity, joy, healing, and inclusion.”​​
~ Max de Pree